7v7 Football Goals - in the beginning we had "Jumpers for goalposts"

"Jumpers for goal posts"
When impromptu games of football took place in by gone days jumpers were used for goal posts. All who played in those games will remember the many squabbles that took place with every shot that was within inches of the jumper come goalpost. To put a stop to those incessant arguments a soccer crazy kid in the late fifties produced a makeshift goal post from off-cuts of wood and some Woolworth's pea netting to create the very first mini soccer goal.This boyhood football goal eventually led to the Plastic goals we all enjoy and use to day. That lad grew up and went on to make the first lightweight safe plastic Mini Soccer Goal. Strong and stable the goals that were impossible to knock over, light enough to carry in a small bag and with the addition of a patented net fixing the goal allowed a football pitch to be set up anywhere at anytime. From that first wood and pea netting football goal the small sided game "Mini Soccer" was created which led children's small sided games and 7v7 junior football.They say imitation is the best form of flattery and the concept of safe plastic football goal posts for children has been copied many times over the years but none have come anywhere near to the strength and longevity of the original ITSA GOAL posts. Made in the home of football Sheffield they are now in the thirtieth year of production.

7v7 Mini Soccer football Goal - Size
The recommended Football Association Mini Soccer goal size is 3.6 M x 1.8 M (12' x 6'). We strongly recommend that heavy steel freestanding goalposts are not used around young children. We suggest that heavy steel free standing goal posts are never used around young children. The younger the kids playing Mini Soccer the lighter the goal post weight needs to be.

7v7 Mini Soccer Football Pitch Size
The maximum size pitch for 5v5 football is 40 yards x 30 yards and 7v7 football is played on a maximum pitch size of 60 yards x 40 yards.

7v7 Football Age Groups
5v5 football is for the very young up to the age of seven in 8'x6' and 12'x6' goals and 7v7 football is played to the age of nine in 12'x6' goals.

Plastic 7v7 Football Goals
High impact plastic match play mini soccer goals are available from us with straight crossbars for use in 7v7 football. Other plastic goals have a considerable dip in the middle of the crossbar. As our goal nets are attached behind the posts it makes the football goals quicker and easier to fit. With one section crossbar options available as well as goals that fit in two sizes of carry bags customers have more options with ITSA GOAL products. An unmatched three-year warranty is also available on all our plastic goals which indicates how the better engineering stands up against other brands that say the goals last but do not back it up. That says it all!

Folding lightweight 7v7 football goals 
We only supply lightweight easy to use folding goal posts are available for quick installation on match days:-
Folding steel  swinging side frame version goals are extremely heavy,they are difficult to move around, corners expand apart and they rust. Many of these very heavy freestanding goals have finger entrapment entrapment points and are to a weight we consider dangerous. This is why we do not offer them. The better alternative are lightweight aluminium folding goals with fully welded lockable side frames that do not rust. Made to a safe weight they are easier to move around and store.These are one of our best selling 7v7 football Mini Soccer goals

Aluminium flat-pack 7v7 Football Goals 
To have the best of both worlds take a close look at the ITSA GOAL de-mountable flat pack aluminium goal with Industrial nylon connectors. These value for money 7v7 football goals fold flat on match days and can also be fully dismantled and  taken apart in the close season. A great football goal at the right price.

Fixed position 7v7 football Goals
For permanently positioned goalposts the Anti-vandal/Anti-theft steel goal posts are the best solution. We also offer lightweight 7v7  mini soccer goals for on site storage in both elliptical and lightweight 80mm aluminium football post extrusions.
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