9v9 Football Goals

9v9 Football Goal Post Size
The 9v9 football goals used in affiliated football must have been independently tested in compliance with British Standard BS 8462.  Larger  football goal posts are also allowed up to 21' x 7' and are preferable for the older age group. We strongly recommend that heavy steel freestanding goalposts are never used and clubs refuse to play in matches that have such products. If you are unlucky and are required to play with such goalposts please ensure they are anchored securely before you use them. We suggest that no goalposts heavier than 42 Kilos in weight be used  around with young children. This weight has been shown to impart less injury to players if they topple forward on to them.

9v9 Football / Pitch Size
An intermediate size pitch will be introduced 80m x 50m. Trials have been carried out by the Football Association using a pitch marked out in blue over a standard adult pitch which runs from the 18 yard boxes and is reduced in width.

9v9 Football - Age Groups
The 9v9 format is for children in the U 12's and U 11's age.
Other plastic football goals have a considerable dip in the middle of the crossbar with nets that pull around the front of the posts and take an age to install.The 16'x7' plastic goals from ITSA GOAL for 9v9 football have less crossbar dip, nets are not clipped but lift on and off with ease to arrowhead net fixings to the rear of the posts. They are also much quicker to install.  The high impact plastic football goals we supply can also be used with the optional lightweight aluminium crossbar which gives a much truer and better rebound of the ball.

Folding 9v9 Goal Posts 
Folding lightweight aluminium goal posts are also available for even quicker installation on match days:-
We supply various types of folding goalposts  and all are easy to use and move around. We do not sell or recommend heavy steel movable goalposts as we consider these dangerous. The better alternative to steel free standing goal post are our lightweight aluminium  folding goals with fully welded lockable side frames that do not rust.These football goals are very easy to move around and store away after the game.

Flat pack budget 9v9 goal posts 
The flat pack aluminium goal is basically a plastic goal that uses lightweight aluminium tube instead of plastic tube. These value for money goalposts have stronger virtually indestructible industrial nylon connectors.A very sturdy and safe 9v9 football goal which offers a better match day rebound. A football goal that is  a third of the weight of other dangerous steel free standing goals posts and a third of the price.Highly recommended goal posts for youth football.

Fixed position 9v9 Goal Posts 
For permanently positioned goalposts the Anti-vandal/Anti-theft steel goalposts are by far the best solution and for that little extra cost they offer so much more in the way of safety and security. We also supply lightweight fixed position 9v9 goals that can be easily removed after each game. A very popular and low cost alternative for junior clubs to free standing goalposts.
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9v9 Football Goalposts Product Range


9v9 Football is now the accepted game for affiliated youth football. The 9v9 game is played with 16 'x 7' goals on a proportional football pitch for U 11's and U 12's and is the next stage for children after playing Mini Soccer. This game is proposed to  bridge the gap in grassroots football from the small sided 7v7 game to the eleven a side game.