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Itsa Goal Post Ltd uPVC Goals now include an extended three years guarantee*


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Above: A Fast start Mini Soccer 12'x6' uPVC Goal - Assembled in under one minute - No other uPVC Goal can be assembled so quickly.

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The football goal video above shows the most popular plastic junior club football
goal in the UK. The  video shows the popular 8' x 4' goal being installed in a typical garden setting
The only plastic goal post with a three year manufacturer's warranty.

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Click here for more information on the 8' x 6' football goal 

The video above shows the 8’x6’ garden Footie Goal which is ideal when posts are to
be left in position. They  use the same top  quality net and mouldings but do not have
the net fixings or engineering refinements of the club goal posts. This garden goal post was introduced
to offer  a value for money alternative to Samba goals and other flimsy Far East copies of our goalpost concept. 

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The video above demonstrates our ITSA GOAL
one section crossbar upvc goalposts at a tournament in Nottingham -
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The video above shows the Arrowhead net fixings being quickly fitted to the posts
These proper net fixings are supplied on ITSA Goal upvc club goals and are better than wrap around net fittings. Nets are attached properly on the reverse of the upright and goalpost crossbars.

The video above shows the robust design of the goalpost corner bracket
especially when compared to any other plastic goalpost corner brackets
with push in back net supports that really are not up to the job.

FOOTIE GOALS - Garden Goalpost Net Cord Fitting.
ITSA Goal posts are supplied with top quality braided goal nets. Each goal net includes a net head cord. This net cord is designed to be tied between each net support to create a roof to the goal post. The video demonstrates how to tie off the net cord to the elbow to create a proper roof to the net. 

Football Goalpost Anchor Removal
ITSA Goal posts are supplied with safe easy to use goal post multi-surface ground anchors and safety ground red pegs. On normal ground the ground pegs can easily be removed with the end of a red peg however, when the ground is hard it is advised to remove the pegs using a claw hammer as shown.


16'x7' Goalposts set up ready for independent goalpost testing. The video shows a range of our uPVC and aluminium youth size goalposts. One goal in this video has the weight applied to the crossbar which is part of the goalposts safety standards testing methods. 

Folding Plastic Goals for Quick Play
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FootieGoal Budget Garden Goalposts
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