Goal Post Size Guide

Goal post size guide determines goal sizes in line with the FA's recommendations. Goalposts can be used on different surfaces, grass, artificial surfaces and even hard surfaces. They will need to be safely fixed to prevent toppling so consider the anchors supplied with goals. Folding goals are designed to be quickly brought out for training or match days so the design is for speed of assembly and ease of storage.  Roller goalposts are designed to be left in situ and easily rolled around a pitch for training. This is why you will see so many goalpost designs; folding goals, roller goalposts, portable goals in bags, socketed goals with box nets for stadiums and smaller children's garden goalposts. Garden goalposts are available in uPVC and also aluminum.  Both types of goalpost are made in safe lightweight material for children. Many plastic goals are made with small joining sections so the goals can pack in bags. We would advise that plastic goals with crossbars with a 12' wide crossbar and above may have a slight dip in the crossbar and so we  recommend one section uPVC crossbar goals and at this size.

Goal Post size Guide
Under 7-8 years old  Format 5v5  - Goal size 12''x6'  ( 8'x6')
Under 9-10 years old Format 7v7  - Goal size 12''x6'
Under 11-12 years old Format 9v9  - Goal size 16''x7'
Under 13-14 years old  Format 9v9 or 11v11  - Goal size 21'x7'  (24x8)
Under 15-18 years old Format  11v11 - Goal size 24'x8'
Under 18 years old + Format  11v11 - Goal size 24'x8'

For affiliated football games we recommend you contact your league secretary to confirm goalpost sizes that you require for your league before buying football goalposts and use the above details as a guide only.

The Football goalpost  measurements are  important, as the sizes vary depending on the age group that are playing and by the number of people paying.   Another factor that influences the football goal size is the football pitch size. The FA have produced a document that details pitch size information to ensure that fair-play is in operation.

The football goal size of a junior match goal is around half of the size of the adult-sized match goal. The football goal size for the child's match goal is 12x6, followed by either 16x7 (11|12) or 21x7 (13|14) youth/junior depending on their age, whereas the adult football goal size for a match goal is 24x8 (15+).

See the football goal post size diagram below which demonstrates the goalposts sizes available in relation to the approximate height of an adult and child. The diagram also indicates the number of players that pay in the specific size of goals, for example, 11v11 players for adult full-size goalposts. 

goalpost sizes

Download Football Goal Sizes chart click here for details of FA goal sizes, Football Association goal post sizes, goal sizes, full size goalpost size, youth goal post size, mini soccer goalpost size, adult goalpost size, 5v5 goalpost size, 7v7 goal post size football goal sizes Click below to link to the following product pages relating to the size of the goal.

5v5 five a side Goalposts

5v5 futsal goals

7v7 goalposts

11v11 youth goals

11v11 adult goal  

To find out the latest detailed Football GOALS product information and technical GOAL specifications, real GOAL reviews, and the latest GOAL news, click on the links below. We have also included some of the most popular and recommended goals below.

Garden Goals

This is a small 8'x4' Garden Goal with a one section sturdy crossbar, locking stanchions. One of the fastest goals to assemble in the garden and is very competitive.  

Children's Goals

The slightly larger 12x6 garden goals, best price goalpost for a 12'x6' goal. Sturdy design. Quality Net   

Fast Fitting Goals

12x6 strong goal for use on any surface, designed so net can be taken on and off so ideal for club use.

Plastic Football Goals

The best uPVC 16X7 goalpost for the price on the market.   

Youth Goals

The most competitive aluminium goalpost at youth size 16x7     

Adult Goals

Top quality socketed aluminium goals, locking, patented, easy to take up and down on match days - better design.   

Folding Aluminium Goals

A registered goalpost design and patented product. A full size folding goal which has optional transporters making this goalpost design the best folding goalpost for transporting, moving and storing after games. Available in various sizes.  see the video on our you tube page. 

Stadium Goals

Top quality stadium box goalposts, nets and net supports.   

Roller Goals

roller goals for artificial surfaces with weights and also versions without weights for grass use. Ideal when goals are left in situ or stored at the side of the pitch left assembled.   

Metal Goals

The only truly anti theft, anti vandal steel locking goals in the UK - Pateneted   

Goalposts that pack in bags

The only full size goalposts that can pack in an 8' pack. Ideal for tournaments when eight sets of goals need taking to different venues.